Bathing Post Vasectomy Reversal

Bathing after vasectomy reversal and keeping the wound and surrounding area clean post-op is very important.

Mr Harriss advises that you have showers first of all as you can control the flow and temperature of water touching the wound.

He also advises to avoid having a bath until all the wound has healed as it should not “soak” in water.

In fact, the best thing to do is to have a shower twice a day to make sure that the scrotal area is clean and dry.


Towels & Sponges

To try and keep the area as clean as possible, please use a new sponge on the scrotal area and then please avoid using it anywhere else on your body.

Avoid using bath products as these can be irritant, just stick with mild soap such as Simple soap.

If you can, try and use a clean towel each time you dry yourself until the wound is healed. In this way, you are doing the most you keen to keep everything as clean as possible.


Bathing In A Swimming Pool

Please avoid this for 4-6 weeks to enable the wound to heal totally. Chlorine is a nasty irritant by the nature of its use and could have a detrimental effect on the wound. So to be safe, please avoid chlorinated water for this period of time.


Bathing in the Sea

This can take place once the wound is totally healed. Salt water has for years been used to clean wounds but as the sea can sometimes contain unknown pollutants, it is better to stay safe until the wound is healed totally.

If you need more advice, please contact us here via email.