When you first come out of theatre, any bruising may not be apparent but within a day, you may well notice that your scrotum and the surrounding area could be showing various colours of fresh bruising. These will initially by reds, purples and pinks and then over a period of days, often a week, they will fade to yellows and greens and then quite quickly disappear. Bruising after vasectomy reversal is all normal.


Can You Reduce Bruising Post-Op?

There is a memory aid for you as to what to do: R.I.C.E.

Rest: This is really important. We mentioned it beforehand via our other site, and Mr Harriss mentioned it before your surgery. Rest is vital for a quicker recovery

Ice: If you are really swollen, then you can apply ice. But I need not explain that this must not be applied directly onto your skin. place some ice cubes in a sealed plastic bag, and then wrap a clean kitchen towel around the bag. Then apply. A bath towel may be too thick and prevent the benefit of the cool ice.

Compression: Immediately after surgery, you will be encouraged to wear tight fitting underpants which will assist you to make you feel more comfortable. If possible, please wear these for the two weeks after the surgery.

Elevation: It is important that you elevate your feet and so your lower body will be horizontal and not vertical.


Other Help

Drinking plenty of water: make sure that you are hydrated and not just drinking caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and Coca cola. If you can, drink water as well or preferably, instead of during the first week.

Take Arnica: this is a homeopathic remedy available over the counter in larger chemists and does not require a prescription. It is known to reduce bruising quickly reduce the amount of bruising.

Eat Pineapple: this has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce swelling and bruising. It contains a substance called Bromelain which is a powerful enzyme.

Eat leafy green vegetables, apples and citrus fruit: all found to contain a substance called Quercetin which is a flavenoid which has anti-inflammatory properties.